Flanged Gate Valve

Flanged Gate Valve

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Using Standard

Design & Manufacture: API 6DAPI 600(ISO 10434)

Flange Connection: ASME B16.5(NPS≤24), API 605,MSS SP-44(NPS24) ASME B16.47A

Butt-weld End: ASME B16.25

Socket-weld End: ASME B16.11

Structure Length: ASME B16.10

Temp. & Pres. Grade: ASME B16.34

Test Standard: API 598API 6DAPI 600



It used to cut off or turn on the flow direction of the medium in the pipeline. It has the advantages of small fluid resistance, saving labor in shutoff or opening, no disturb to medium flowing, no pressure reduction, and it also has the advantages of short structure, good manufacturing process and wide application fields.


Product details

1. Bonnet gasket: CLASS150, Stainless steel graphite composite gasket; CLASS 300, Stainless

steel graphite Spiral wound gasket; CLASS 600, Stainless steel graphite Spiral wound gasket,or Metal ring gasket; CLASS 900, Metal Ring Gasket; CLASS 1500~Class2500, Self Sealing Metal Ring.

2. Packing materials: it generally adopts graphite as packing material, but upon requested by customers, PTFE and combination packing are also available.

3. Valve body connected to bonnet: bolt connected bonnet (Class150-Class900); and Self sealing bonnet (Class1500-Class2500).

4. Upon requested by customer, stem packing impact system will be loaded to spring, in order to improve the durability and reliability of packing seal.

5. Operation modes: Hand wheel, Gear drive, or Sprocket drive, Electric actuator.

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