Flat Gate Valve (Soft Seal)

Flat Gate Valve (Soft Seal)

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Flat Gate Valve

Model No: Z43F


Basis Standards

1. Design: API6D, API6AASME B 16.34

2. Face to face: API6D, ASME B 16.10

3. Flange standard: ASME B 16.5, MSS SP44

4. Butt weld standard: ASME B 16.25

5. Test standard: API 6D, API6A,API 598


Structure Features

1. using single gate, two types of structure with diversion hole and without diversion, structure

with a diversion hole flow smoothly, suitable for oil and gas transmission;

2. Valve seat with O ring and float valve seat, it make inlet and outlet two way seal, the opening and closing torque is only half of normal valve;

3. When fully open with straight flow channel,minimum flow resistance coefficient;

4. Self seal packing structure, no need adjust and remain reliable seal; Gland box with auxiliary seal injection structure, really zero leakage;

5. When it is closed, it can automatically remove the high pressure inside the cavity;

6. Fully enclosed structure, good protection performance, can adapt to all-weather requirements.


The following data is for API 6D Flat Gate Valve, data for API 6A is available on request.


Applicable work pressure

Class150900, PN1.016.0MPa;


Applicable work temperature

-29121, especially the natural gas pipeline with high sulfur content.

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