Flanged Globe Valve

Flanged Globe Valve

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Using standards

Design & manufacture: ASME B16.34 and BS 1873

Testing standard: API 598

Flange connection: ASME B16.5

Butt-weld end: ASME B16.25

Structure length: ASME B16.10

Temp. & pressure grade: ASME B16.34

Optional operation mode: hand wheel, gear drive,Sprocket drive, electric actuator.


It used to regulate the medium flow in the pipeline,

The friction between the sealing surfaces is small in the process of opening and closing the valve, it is durable, and easy to manufacture and maintenance owing to its simple structure.

Body and bonnet connection: bolt connected bonnet for Class150—Class900; Pressure Self sealing bonnet for Class1500—Class2500.

Bonnet gasket

CLASS150, Stainless steel graphite composite gasket;

CLASS 300, Stainless steel graphite Spiral wound gasket;

CLASS 600, Stainless steel graphite Spiral wound gasket, or Metal ring gasket;

CLASS 900, Metal Ring Gasket;

CLASS 1500~Class2500, Self Sealing Metal Ring.

Packing materials

It generally adopts graphite as packing material, but upon requested by customers, PTFE and combination packing are also available.

The touching surface roughness between packing and gland box is about 3.2μm that can ensure the tight junction between stem and packing but free rotating, while, the roughness of precisely processed valve stem sealing face is about 0.8μm that can also ensure its reliable seal.

Design feature

Bolt connected valve bonnet, OS & Y, rising stem, metal sealing surface.

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