Bellow Seal Globe Valve

Bellow Seal Globe Valve

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It adopts bellow seal, and it eliminates the shortcomings of the common valve, its stem packing seal is aging fast and easy to leak, it not only improve the use of energy efficiency, increase production equipment safety, reduce the maintenance costs and frequency, but also provides a clean and safe working surrounding for us. Unique self seal structure, the higher of the pressure, the stronger of seal performance.

Structure features

1. double seal designing (bellow + packing seal), if the bellow fails, stem packing can work;

2. No fluid loss, reduce energy losses, improve plant safety;

3. Seal face is built-up welding with Co base carbide, so it is wear resistance, corrosion resistance, friction resistance, long service life, and it can reduce maintenance times, and operating costs;

4. Valve stem is zero leakage, no need of maintenance;

5. Valve stem is quenching and surface nitriding treatment, so it has a good anti corrosion, anti friction;

6. Stem position indication is more intuitive.

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