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Yang Liancheng: a businessman who insists on being an industrialist

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He is the 2012 newly elected CPPCC fourth Longwan District, Wenzhou City, Longwan District, Longwan District, executive vice president of the Valve Industry Association, China Precision Valve Co., Ltd. chairman of the board of directors of the Shanghai Yatai Special Steel, Yatai Rolling Steel, Zhengzhou Huatai Special Valve, Shanghai Taigang Industrial Company, Mr. Yang Liancheng. In China's tens of millions of small and medium-sized enterprises, Yang Liancheng is not well-known at all, but he has a small and medium-sized enterprises in the modest, firm ideals, visionary and other characteristics.   




      "No matter what changes happen in the future, I think I will stick to the valve industry." Yang Liancheng said in an interview with our special correspondent, "from young to now, see too many companies lost and gained, gained and lost examples, rather than speculation, speculation, rather than stick to the original industry, the industry has been doing."




      Doing business as a product is like doing character

The reporter has not yet taken his seat, Yang Lianchu introduced his enterprise Jinggong valve. "In the valve industry, Jinggong is a veteran enterprise, in the industry also has a small popularity, we part of the product in the market share and even up to about 70%." Yang Liancheng couldn't wait to say to the reporter, "at present, we have sales headquarters in wenzhou and covers an area of 30 acres of production base, all over the country with their own sales offices, have many agents"




      It is understood that the Jinggong brand was founded in 1978, belonging to the Zhejiang veteran enterprises. Enterprises from 1978 to the present, after all the fine workers hard work, realize the leapfrog development. Has set up the Shanghai Yatai special steel, Yatai rolled steel, Zhengzhou Huatai special valve, Shanghai Taigang Industrial and other companies, and built an annual output of 100,000 petrochemical, power station valve production base, and continue to move towards the pattern of development of the group. At present has become a domestic professional production of various types of valve products and steel well-known science and technology-based manufacturing enterprises, and successfully among the Sinopec resources member units, Yanshan Petrochemical resources member units, members of the PetroChina natural gas network members and members of the China Electric Power Network. Enterprises existing staff of more than 300 people, including senior and middle-level technical titles of engineers and technicians totaling 30 people, various types of professional and technical pumps and valves excellence accounted for 80%.




      Let Yang Liancheng proud of two things, "one is, from now on, when I was young, choose the valve manufacturing proved the original vision, proved that I have the potential of China's valve market judgment is still relatively correct; another thing is, Jinggong has achieved relatively excellent results in the past few years, in addition to the annual revenue is good, we are still the country's first production of polymerization kettle valve enterprise! (Introducing foreign valves developed by ourselves)."




      He flipped through his product brochure while patiently explaining to the reporter that Jinggong developed its own bellows plug valve in 1998, and in the past ten years, it has developed its own utility model multi-purpose bellows gate valves, bellows ball valves, bellows butterflies, valves, valve air-sealed ball valves, zero-leakage gate valves, polymerization kettle bottom valves, and other 15 patents. And can according to customer demand, self-research, design and development of all kinds of high-performance special valves. The company produces bellows valves, bidirectional seal butterfly valves, bidirectional seal half-ball valves, non-wear ball valves, supportable plunger valves, slurry valves, self-testing device valves, control valves, wear-resistant valves, etc. The company adopts the advanced domestic and foreign standards such as ISO, API, ANSI, BS, DIN, NF, JIS, JPI, GB, JB, and so on, in the production of the products. The product diameter NPS: 1/2 "~ 56", DN15 ~ 3000mm, pressure class: 150LB ~ 4500LB, PN0.1Mpa ~ 42MPa, operating temperature -196 ~ 800 . Valve body materials are carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, titanium, monel, 20 alloy, etc.. Favored by customers at home and abroad. Has formed a "Jinggong" brand series of valve products.




      The data also shows that the qualification rate of Jinggong products reaches 100%, and the enterprise has successively passed ISO 9001 international quality system certification of American Petroleum Institute, API6D, API Q1 certification, CE certification, TS certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, GB/T 28001 occupational health and safety management system certification, etc., and has obtained the right of self-management and import and export. We have also obtained the right to import and export. "Jinggong brand products have been awarded Wenzhou Famous Brand Products, and Jinggong trademark has been awarded Wenzhou Famous Trademark. The enterprise has been awarded "High-tech Enterprise", "Harmonious and Dynamic Enterprise", "Provincial AAA Grade Contract-keeping and Credit-keeping Unit", "Leading and Backbone Enterprises of Zhejiang Province Industry". Industry leading backbone enterprise", "Longwan advanced enterprise", "China Valve City meritorious enterprise", "District key enterprises" and other honorary titles.




      According to the reporter's material, in the Jinggong's customers, there is no lack of Shougang, Baosteel, China Guangdong Nuclear (material company) Jilin Petrochemical and other large domestic central enterprises, but also foreign U.S., South Korea, India enterprises.




      "Although it is not worth showing off to the outside world, but still shows the popularity of our products in the valve industry." Yang Liancheng believes that "the continuous achievements also let us understand, do enterprise do product as do character, to ensure product quality is always the most fundamental content of enterprise development."




      Doing business should have a sense of social responsibility




      Yang Liancheng is a very rich sense of social responsibility. Since the establishment of the enterprise, he has a forward-looking vision and thinking, he understands that the staff is the wealth of the enterprise, so has been treating their own employees as "treasure".


  The reporter talked with a workshop director of the production department and learned that he has been in Jinggong for 20 years and is a foreign worker of Sichuan nationality. He told the reporter that 90% of the employees like him had been working in the company. He told the reporter that 90% of the employees like him have been working in the company, because they not only feel that Jinggong is their home, but also have a heart of gratitude to the enterprise. Product R & D Department of the small Chen is also a Sichuan, graduated from college to the company's technical department internship, and now there are 10 years, other companies with high salary temptation to dig him, he never moved. He told the reporter, the enterprise is very important to me, Chairman Yang is grateful to us, we have to be grateful to him. So what is so fine workers fell in love with the enterprise? Company general manager Xie Jianguo told reporters, in most employees in the enterprise most valued wages and development space, we do business can not be too concerned about their own, it should be for the sake of the employees, not only in the wages, life, family affection, corporate harmony to be given to them. Our annual wages in the staff to do 10-15% upward adjustment, the end of the company according to its performance to send a varying number of red packets. The company's welfare of the staff every year to improve the situation, such as the annual company held March 8 Women's Day activities, the distribution of condolences, summer heat distribution of condolences, the annual festival on the staff to send condolences, and so on, and invested funds of 500,000 yuan to establish the staff activity room, the party activity room, the enterprise's difficult workers for the family condolences and condolences and send condolences, the foreign workers per person per supporting room. In addition, the development of enterprises can not be separated from the support of the community, in recent years, Jinggong enterprises actively participate in the charitable industry donations, such as the special hardship staff families we give financial support, since the establishment of the town of Sha charity branch in 2006, donations of 30,000 yuan per year, in 2007 in Wencheng donated 50,000 yuan for condolences, 2005 to date in the town of Sha people's government under the leadership of the immigrant villages, donations of 30,000 yuan each year for the condolences.


Yang Liancheng as a CPPCC member, he considers the big picture everywhere, not only the enterprise, the enterprise staff, but also the development of the valve industry in the future, taking into account the economic development, transformation and upgrading of Longwan, the ecological environment, social peace. In about the development of the valve industry in the future, put forward valuable suggestions, guiding nearly 400 members of the unit in good faith, bigger and stronger, to build Longwan valve brand, so that Longwan valve to the world, revitalize the economy of Longwan. In order to improve their understanding of society, outlook on life, values, often at their own expense in advanced cities and enterprises at home and abroad to learn from the experience, bring back good experience, technology, management, innovative ideas to share.


      Valve industry development to the end


      In the face of the global economy in the form of tightening the money, the industry is increasingly facing the development of crack bottlenecks, especially the traditional industry of valve manufacturing. The reporter asked Mr. Yang Liancheng on the development of the valve industry and the future of enterprise development, what do you think, he said with a smile on his face: "I will always be optimistic about the valve market."


       Despite the price wave, encountered economic tightening of the international situation, but Yang Liancheng does not intend to leave the valve industry. "Lifetime in this industry, there is no need to leave in the middle again." Yang Liancheng said, "And, on the future situation, China's economy or will remain relatively good trend, that is to say, the market will still have demand for the valve market. As for the current cost increases, companies can only use the end product of the moderate price increases to cope with. As for the current problem of poor capital operation, I believe that the government can build a good platform for cooperation between banks and enterprises, but we should not lose faith in the government, lose faith in the bank, and not to lose faith in the market and themselves."


      Experts also believe that the demand for valves in China is "potential and explosive force will be amazing. According to the world's water treatment equipment company Watts Industries Group forecasts, the current total annual demand for the Chinese valve market is not less than 10 billion yuan.


According to the analysis report, China's future will still be in the infrastructure construction of large-scale investment, "such as water, electricity, gas, heat, etc. on the top priority, which is exactly where the valves are used". Analysis of the report said, first of all, China's South-to-North Water Diversion Project, "only within the length of 70 kilometers from the outskirts of Beijing to the city, for the purchase of valves amounted to tens of millions of dollars, and the entire South-to-North Water Diversion Project on the demand for valves can be more projected"; second, in order to solve the problem of electricity tension, the scale of the launching of hydropower projects "is not only the Chinese government's top priority, but also will be a long-term task". In addition, the West-East Natural Gas Transmission, the transformation of old industrial bases, urban pipeline network construction, residential projects, sewage treatment, agricultural water conservancy and many other projects will detonate the huge demand for valves market.




      Yang Liancheng also mentioned that with the continuous promotion of China's housing construction, urban housing construction will not fundamentally slow down, which means that the demand for valves for urban housing will not be low. "I also saw on the media reports, for the valve industry, the rural market has a greater potential in the future, the expansion of the rural market will drive the sales of related valve products."




      However, the reporter found that, in the face of the future of the huge market potential, not only China's valve manufacturers are trying to "share the pie", foreign companies are also increasing the layout of this area. Business community analysis said, "in the end to eat from how many orders, in the fight with foreign capital, their gap in the end how big, I'm afraid that these issues are China's valve manufacturers are most concerned about."




      Industry insiders also pointed out that China and foreign countries in the degree of specialization gap. "Valves as a general piping equipment, in many areas are widely used, including water conservancy and hydropower, urban pipeline network, petroleum and petrochemical, sewage treatment and many other industries. Due to different industries, different projects in the working conditions, media, sealing and other aspects of the different conditions, the type of valve equipment, materials, pressure levels and other aspects of the technical requirements are not the same, which also caused the valve equipment for different industries to further market segmentation." But for market segmentation, Chinese enterprises are still in a certain gap.




      In this regard, Yang Liancheng thought of product quality. "Quality, technology, coupled with a certain degree of innovation, the product will eventually win in the market." Yang Liancheng said, "even if the temporary setback, we will not be frustrated, because, so many years of experience tells me, as long as in this line of work to do practical things, and then according to the national situation to make timely changes, ultimately, or in the market to achieve a good share."




      In addition, for the private lending crisis in Wenzhou, Yang Liancheng also has a profound experience. He believes that the Wenzhou businessmen can not be erased positive exploration, bold entrepreneurial spirit, but in the future development, relying solely on financial instruments and speculation can not achieve long-term success, it is easier to "gain and lose". Instead of experiencing great risks, it is better to focus entirely on industry, and try to avoid the current risk of increasingly high real estate market diversionary investment, otherwise, the ultimate drag or behind the support of the development of the real estate industry, industrial industry.

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