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City of more than a hundred mechanical industry technology enterprises around the "transformation and upgrading, talent, innovation and development" to discuss and seek common ground

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      On the afternoon of June 28, the city machinery industry technology management association in wenzhou Hyatt Hotel 9 floor multi-function hall held the second three members of the General Assembly. General Assembly by the Association's Executive Director, Chairman of the Board of Jinggong Valve Company Limited Yang Liancheng presided over. Invited to guide the City Economic and Information Commission, Zhang Xiwei, City Science and Technology Bureau leaders and the city of more than 100 mechanical industrial technology enterprises around the "transformation and upgrading, talent, innovation and development," to discuss and plan together.

      On the General Assembly, the tube Hongguang president made a "2011 summary of the work of the Association and the 2012 work plan" report; informed the Association appointed "expert committee" deputy director of the decision; on the "Wenzhou City Machinery Industry, the second session (Huibao Cup) Product Innovation Achievement Award". Huibao Cup) Product Innovation Achievement Award" won the project and enterprise trophies and certificates were issued, while also adding nearly 20 technical enterprises to become new members.

      The General Assembly that, in today's economic situation, to respond positively to the municipal government put forward the "acres of heroes" spirit, a change in mindset, improve the service function, the second to summarize the experience and shortcomings, and constantly expanding the new ideas; third to play a function to help talent development; fourth to adjust the product structure, the show! "Expert Committee" talent, and information communication, improve management level.

      Through the convening of the General Assembly, member enterprises confidence.

(Pictured) Yang Liancheng, Chairman of Seiko Valve Co.

(Pictured) Zhang Xiuwei, section chief of the Municipal Economic and Information Commission, speaki

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