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Founding words of "Seiko Newspaper": culture sails to glory

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      In the eyes of many expectant eyes, "Jinggong Newspaper" set sail on schedule in this colorful May, with a light ink fragrance, finally published. She is like a cool breeze in summer, through the heat of the sun, fresh and cozy. Congratulations!

      Dreams determine destiny, culture determines development. The twenty-first century is the era of cultural victory. The development and progress of enterprises should be supported by excellent enterprise culture. The essence of enterprise management is cultural management. Enterprise culture is not only the expression of the level of an enterprise, but also the core of a spiritual power. Seiko's corporate philosophy of "molding people with culture" gives new meaning, new connotation and new mission to the corporate culture.

      Innovation is the basis for realizing Seiko's leapfrog development, and excellent culture is the mother of innovation. Culture precedes technology, concept precedes action, and spirit precedes talent. As a tireless pioneer in the field of Chinese valve manufacturing for more than 20 years, Jinggong is blooming with a brand-new and high-clean attitude and gradually overflowing with fragrance. As a modern valve enterprise, we have a company leadership team that understands culture and advocates culture, and a group of young employees with high level of vigor and education who are infected with cultural flavor. We have the responsibility to hold up a cultural position under the new sky of Jinggong, to better explain and interpret the connotation of corporate culture, and to unite and cohesion the staff from all over the world at different levels with the spiritual power of corporate culture. Promote innovation with culture and development with innovation. We are standing on a new starting point, shouldering a noble historical mission, the birth of "Jinggong Newspaper" is timely and significant, it will be an inclusive attitude, adhering to and extending the Jinggong enterprise philosophy of "shaping people with culture", so that the enterprise culture is deeply integrated into the vitality, competitiveness, creativity and cohesion of Jinggong as a modern enterprise.

      As Jinggong develops and grows, Jinggong Newspaper will grow with the company. She will face the future, innovate constantly, build a bridge between the upper and lower levels of the company, and provide a platform for interactive communication and self-expression. She will carry forward the main theme of the times, report the company's development trajectory in a timely manner, record the growth of Jinggong in dribs and drabs, display the spiritual outlook and career achievements of the employees of Jinggong, bear witness to the sweat of Jinggong's workers, and inspire and motivate Jinggong's workers to work together to improve their performance and advance more than ever. They are inspired and motivated to work together, strive for continuous improvement, develop and forge ahead, and create a beautiful and brilliant tomorrow for Jinggong.

      The road is long, and we will seek to find our way up and down. Seiko's culture will surely blossom into a beautiful flower!

President Yang Liancheng

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