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China Jinggong Valve: "Celebrate National Day, Tour Hengdian", Harmonious Development to the next level

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      In order to celebrate the 62nd birthday of the National Day, contact the company and the majority of staff friendship, and build a harmonious enterprise. October 4 to 5, China Precision Valve Co., Ltd. carried out an all-employee "Celebration of the National Day, tour of Hengdian," the spirit of the vacation activitie

China Jinggong valve all staff National Day tour of Hengdian

      The spiritual vacation activities, led by the company's chairman Mr. Yang Liancheng, the whole company staff by Wenzhou City Huatong International Tourism Company's tour group car straight to Hengdian Film and TV City. In two days of pleasant journey, fine workers to their own mind a vacation. We are known as "a step into the painting, as if dreaming of a thousand years," said the prosperous capital - - Qingming on the river map, feel the Northern Song Dynasty capital city style; in the large night tour scenic area - - Dream Valley, to enjoy the dream Taiji show; in the "Ming and Qing Dynasty Palace Court" The Forbidden City was reproduced in its original form, and we felt the splendor and majesty of the imperial city in the south of the Yangtze River. Employees enjoy unlimited fun while traveling, and feel the care of corporate managers, friendship between employees, corporate harmony.

All staff of China Jinggong Valve

  In recent years, Jinggong valve company, pay special attention to the harmonious development of enterprises, like similar activities are often carried out, while the rapid development of Jinggong injected new vitality and power. Also accelerated the pace of Jinggong valve in the development of the industry leader.

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